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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Aluminum Cans $0.57lb
Aluminum Cans over 100lbs $0.59 lb
Ins. Copper #1 $1.65 lb
Ins. Copper #2 $1.00 lb
Copper #1 $2.65lb
Copper #2 $2.45lb
Sheet Copper $2.25 lb
Auto Body $200.00Ton
Auto Battery $8.00 each
Old Sheet Aluminum $0.45 lb
Painted Aluminum $0.55 lb
Cast Aluminum $0.43 lb
Extruded Aluminum $0.60 lb
Aluminum Wire(no coating) $0.60 lb
Harness Wire $0.50 lb
Aluminum Radiators $0.45 lb
Copper/Alum. Radiators $1.25 lb
Auto Radiators $1.70 lb
Cast Wheels $0.70 lb
Long Steel $200.00 Ton
Short Steel $230.00 Ton
Sheet Iron $200.00 Ton
Torching Steel $100.00 Ton
Yellow or Red Brass $1.75 lb
Meter Brass $1.75 lb
Lead $0.41 lb
Stainless Steel $0.41 lb
Electric Motors $0.20 lb
Whole Car Motors $200.00 Ton
Diesel Motors $100.00 Ton
Auto Heater Core $1.20 lb
Stove Cast $200.00 Ton
Clean Auto Cast $260.00 Ton
Semi Truck Wheels $0.65 lb
Automatic Transmissions $0.15 lb